Breathe Easier With Electronic Acupuncture Treatment

We normally suggest that a dog be at least 6 months old and greater than 15 pounds before using any electronic collar. Your dog needs to have a basic understanding of what is expected of him, as well as know and understand the meaning of basic commands prior to using the e-collar. Electronic stimulation is used to deter unwanted behavior and more specifically to reinforce behavior the dog already knows. It is unfair to your dog to try to reinforce a command with an e-collar that the dog does not reliably know while on lead. It is always preferable that you not let a habit form than have to correct it later. It is much easier to prevent a habit from forming that it is to correct it later. It is important that your dog be monitored to insure that the collar is immediately effective. The goal in this process is that the dog learns that a cretin behavior has a consequence or is uncomfortable (similar to a correction with a training collar) or that an area or item is not pleasant to be around. An appropriate stimulation level must be determined for you needs. Most manufactures (TriTronics, Dogtra, DT, and SportDog) of electronic collars have a rheostat intensity control, which provides variable levels of stimulation. electronic shops banashankari

You should determine the lowest level and duration of electronic stimulation to achieve your desired behavior. It is recommended that you “Collar Condition” your dog prior to actual use of any electronic training or bark collar. The purpose of collar conditioning it to acclimate your dog to having this new device around his neck and that he gets use to having the collar on. We do not want him to associate the collar being on and the correction/stimulation or he will only obey the command when the collar is on; this is what is called becoming “collar wise”. After your dog has been collar conditioned your can begin to use your new electronic training device.

With correct use the e-collar will become you’re most relied upon training tool. We recommend that if you are uncomfortable using your collar that you seek the help of a professional dog trainer that has extensive knowledge of collar training.


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