New Honest Reviews on Empower Network: What Is the “Blog Beast”?

Like many others, I wondered, “what is the blog beast?”, so I drove to Orlando for the last event in October to find out more about it, because I was so sure that David Wood would be announcing new reviews on Empower Network – that is, more things to sell, and more ways to make money online.

So what new reviews on Empower Network did I discover that weekend last October?

Much to my surprise, that particular event didn’t explain anything about “what is the blog beast”, and I found out later that the new Empower Network launch did not go at all how they had hoped.

The good news is that I know David and I know that his primary interest is in helping the people of the world… Big data certification in Dubai

(My daughter spent time with him personally at his Costa Rica retreat in 2011.) And yes, there was a new Empower Network product available at the time of the launch in October of 2013 – the “Blog Beast Academy” (now known as the “Viral Blogging Academy”).

I was surprised that they never did raise the price of that $297 product, a 5-webinar video series, because it has expanded with tons more information since I purchased it in the launch of 2013…

In my opinion, the Viral Blogging Academy that just launched a few months ago is even more valuable than the “15k Formula”, going for $997. (That product was originally sold for $250 and the price had risen to $997 with six months.) This is the reason why I still suspect that the Viral Blogging Academy cost will also be raised within the near future.

And, of course, the event was inspiring to see first-hand all the people who are making money with this thing…

… even the “Wisdom Keepers” – a panel of seniors over the age of 65 – that really inspired me! They say that going to events transfers your mindset, but it doesn’t help me much to be in close contact with the “big-wigs” making all the money; I know it’s possible – I’ve seen my daughter make over $10,000 in a month! But seeing the people even older than I am up on stage… well, I have to say that put a tear in my eye.

So to really find out what new reviews on Empower Network I can report, I simply stuck it out and continued to watch as the new “blog from your phone” platform continued to evolve…

Of course there were some quirks – just as there always are quirks with anything new. There were quirks they got over with the initial launch, which only proves all the more how resilient these tough “badass” owners can be as they continue to stand the test of time.

I’ve written previous articles about the original product line with extensive descriptions, but this particular article is intended to give you current reviews on Empower Network since the re-launch of the “Blog Beast” last October…

Once I got over being pissed that there were so many changes in the system for which to accommodate, I realized that many of the changes were for the better. Here’s a breakdown of what’s changed:

1) Smart Phone Friendly

The system has been redesigned completely so that it no longer is html compatible like a WordPress blog. Instead, it’s been completely overhauled to be smart phone friendly, where you can upload videos and blog straight from your phone.

I originally found this annoying, because I just didn’t want to change my html format habits. (Don’t we all hate change?) “They’re just being accommodating to all the kids out there with the fanciest cell phones”, I thought. Then I told myself, “Kids don’t have to have a monopoly on smart phones – they’re accommodating people who are willing to change with the times – and that can be me, too!”

2) A complete overhaul of the billing system.

Initially, there were problems within the system because when they first started, people got paid through PayPal. This made it practically impossible for Empower to detect when your members decided to stop paying. I had a guy under me who got a free ride and continued to receive commissions even though he stopped paying me. Not cool. So they finally fixed it… now I am the sponsor to the guy under him who has been paying me religiously for the past two years!

3) New Core Video Series

I believe this is the best change within the system because these videos are extremely valuable – even in the lowest $25 monthly package. The videos they used to have simply outlined the core steps: (Blog daily, market daily, use the products you sell, participate in weekly calls, listen to audio daily, and attend events).

The over-achievers who listened to the training call each week and attended National events every three months usually found success. But the average person who didn’t want to do this was not getting much training from being told to read, blog and “market”, although nobody could figure out how to do that without buying the higher priced levels.

Further, the original video series would spend a lot of energies on up-selling to the higher priced products.

Now it’s different.

The first seven videos are still there, but now there are an additional six training videos what actually teach you how to market – step by step. The instructors in each video are all top earning professionals who make over $50,000 monthly, and they tell you how they do it.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s offered in the extended Empower Network training videos:

1) “Easy Blogin’ Blog Tech” (with Lawrence Tam)
2) How to coach new members
3) “Drivin’ Peeps Dominating Traffic” (with Vick Strizheus)
4) “Makin’ Money Blog Income” (with Justin Verengia)
5) “Say What? Blog Topics” (with Aaron Rashkin)
6) “Get ’em talking Viral Traffic” (with Dave Sharpe)

… so they teach you how to take your business online – whatever it is!

Wow, now that I just looked at that long list – I gotta watch those again!


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